The paradigm of a solo artist working in isolation is a thing of the past. Dialogue is the fruit of discovery and my studio practice has consistently been informed by ongoing dialogue with other creators and innovators. Below are a few main collaborators and mentors that have profoundly shaped my practice and my work.

Stéphane Dreyfus


I began collaborating with Stéphane in 2008 as a co-teacher and co-facilitator. In the past decade he has become a muse and lifelong partner. We frequently perform together, give talks together, facilitate events and retreats together, and challenge each other to continue to deeper on our own practice and partnership.

Stéphane presenting Space Yoga: a Guided tour of the Universe at the Cal Academy of Sciences Night Life

Bloomer Studio

2004 - present

My work with Bloomer Studio started as a studio assistant right after college, and morphed into a collaborator and consultant. Most recently we worked together on The Bridge School in Shanghai where discussions on curriculum and content morphed into programming for architectural ornament specifically designed for the campus as an embodiment and discovery of the ethos of the place.  

Architectural Rendering of Guru Nanak Gurudwara by Jessica Kung Dreyfus 2005

The Bridge School


The Bridge is a school for creativity and innovation in Shanghai. For two years, Stéphane and I worked closely with the founder to shape the mission, vision, and content for the school. We brought together international experts and speakers, recruited local talent, and developed the core pedagogy and curriculum for the school. We also adapted the existing site, engaging RISD sculpture faculty Doug Borkman, to convert a parking lot into a state of the art Maker's Space.

Master Plan of The Bridge, designed by Ben Wood




A conversation surrounding the engagement of the building through the body has brought me into collaboration with the vertical dance movement. I am a current Board Member of Bandaloop, supporting their creative process through dialogue and the creation of new work.


Master Dabblers


While in Rome exhibiting at Centrale Montemartini, we met Glendalys Medina + Stephanie Lindquist at The American Academy in Rome. Stéphane and I had just finished our 450 day silent retreat and Glendalys and Stephanie were interested in learning more about how the practice of silence affects creativity. The four of us collaborated on a book and kit entitled Unspoken: Through Silence Emerges the Voice of the Artist.

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Teaching Together