Parenthetical Constructs 2015-2018

Parenthetical Constructs is a body of work that started during a moment of frustration while preparing an award application. I was preparing a portfolio of my work on Google Slides, frustrated that I had to use photographs and text many levels removed from the immediacy of my work to convey the work. Then something shifted, and the frustration became creative energy and I started to create in the Google Slides application. My sketchbook became digital and my tools became the text tools and shape tools. I started to play and subvert the original intent of the application into painterly constructions that felt like powerpoint koans. Then, I discovered that the digital shapes demanded something more. They wanted to push back into the physical realm. From the slides, I then created vector files using laser cutting technology to create shapes in wood and plastic. The result is a joyful re-entry of signs and symbols back into the realm of the body - the realm of weight, texture, gravity, and mass.

Google Slide Constructions

digital media, variable dimensions

Sublimation is a map that reads as a text. Through a unique notation of the body, Sublimation documents the sequence of movements along a horizontal plane that over time spontaneously expands vertically to generate a landscape. In the details I have added an image from an original notebook page in which I developed this unique notation.

MFA 2015

Based on studies of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, this monumental drawing describes the process of 

Below are close up images.

Tilde Tally, Oil on Canvas, 90" x 60"

Present Tense

Chinese Cultural Center, 2015

Curated by Abby Chen and Glen Helfand

The Battery

Artist in Residence, 2016

The Director of Art showed me the 12' long spaces above the stairs at The Battery and asked me to make something for that space.  I saw parenthesis flying over me, toppling down and suspended off their support panel. I started "sketching" in google slides and then building the pieces out of wood and hand made casein paint.

Parenthetical Constructs

Solo Show @ a.Muse Gallery 2016

"Looking at the work, the world, time, and history tilt a bit, as the viewer both reads and synthesizes the information, but in a purely aesthetic, rather than language based manner. The result is a very striking form of communication, resounding with both beauty and emotion, as well as a quiet and personal kind of narrative."

- Lori Shantzis, director of a.muse Gallery

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